East Georgia Pain Management

Chronic pain is a serious illness and should be treated by a pain specialist, whose specialty is comprehensive pain management.

Meet the Pain Management Team

East Georgia Pain Management

East Georgia Pain Management
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    1497 Fair Road Ste. 206
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    (912) 486-1121
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Who We Are

At East Georgia Pain Management, our physicians are all Board Certified Anesthesiologists and Pain Management Specialists who provide comprehensive pain management services.

Our physicians provide scientifically proven procedures with state of the art equipment. In pain management, accuracy makes a major difference in patient outcomes.

Pain Management Team

East Georgia Pain Management is operated as a department of East Georgia Regional Medical Center and is staffed by the physicians of Georgia Anesthesia and Pain Management Group:

  • Dr. Tony James
  • Dr. Albert Lee
  • Dr. Jim Routon

East Georgia Regional Medical Center is directly or indirectly owned by a partnership that proudly includes physician owners, including certain members of the hospital’s medical staff.

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Did You Know?

It is highly important to understand the pain and be able to communicate well to your physician. Our goal at East Georgia Pain Management is to help you reduce your pain and achieve a normal, functional life.

Effective Healing of Chronic Pain Conditions

Pain Management, including physical medicine, considers the nerves, muscles, and skeletal system along with physiology (how the body is functioning). Health care professionals are learning there is much more that can be done for the effective healing of chronic pain conditions.

If you are suffering from pain, we will work to alleviate as quickly as possible and will work to determine what underlying issues are playing a part in causing your pain. In the end it’s about giving our patients a better quality of life with the goal of returning to a 486-1121 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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